Summer break

Paul et Virginie, oil on canvas 24 x 24 in

I have to take a break for a few weeks and we'll see you again sometime in the summer, I promise! I had everything planned: a personal exhibition in a chapel with an artist's residence, an outdoor performance, another personal exhibition in Quebec (one of those that had been canceled in 2020), lessons, painting internships on the motive, but the great architect of the universe decided otherwise. My oldest son has just been diagnosed with brain cancer and, since he lives in the United States, I am going there to be the driver, to help as I can. It's serious but he's going to be okay, I know that.

If your heart tells you, I appealed for help to fund my trip, after the pandemic and the cancellation of art workshops in recent months, here: Go Fund Me .

I will come back quickly, stronger than ever. My son is also going to come out of this ordeal stronger than ever. A formidable chain of solidarity has developed around him, prayers from all religions, positive thoughts, etc. The universe only understands positive thoughts, so you have to believe them with all your might. Life is stronger than anything.

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