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May 2021

The slow progress of ZODIAC

In disorder: Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Caper, then the last 2, which are still in progress (Gemini with an aurora borealis, and Cancer in the Atlantic blue lobster version). If I manage to maintain this rhythm, I will soon have 7 out of 12 finished canvases, all oils on wood or canvas, on formats of 30 x 30 in or 36 x 36 in (76.2 cm or 91.44 cm next to). I want to specify the format and the technique because I'm tired of seeing so-called sublime works scroll on Instagram, which in the end are only photomontages or miniatures. I have nothing against photomontages, digital art or miniatures, but you have to replace things in context. When you see a work for real, it's not the same thing.

Other projects

Other canvases are jostling in my head right now: the Chinese zodiac of course, angels, horses and ... brides from the last century. As of this writing, my mother is at the end of her life. I will spare you the horror of the pandemic situation 5,000 km away, but a positive selection has emerged in the midst of all this disaster. I started sorting through photos. I have discovered black and white family photos, wedding photos from the 1930s. I happen to keep some old postcards from the 1900s. The introspection brought on by the situation I am living in now made me reflect on the passage of time. The result is certainly a new series of canvases on the theme of the brides of the last century.


It is the absolute desert. I no longer dare to project myself into the future. Perhaps an exhibition in a chapel at the beginning of July. But if I announce it and the region, currently in the red zone (museums and galleries closed) turns back to orange and then back to red ... It's the yoyo. It’s impossible to know what the future holds. Alea Jacta Est.

Art lessons and workshops

As I don't have the right to teach (I could do it online but I don't like it because I don't see what my students are doing) and, moreover, the beautiful days are coming soon ... I will give painting courses outdoors, in the parks and gardens of Quebec. Summer will be hot and sunny!

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