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Artistic return

What if you decided to (re) pick up the brushes for the start of the school year ?

I give private lessons in a group of no more than 2. So you will either be alone with me or in pairs with someone else. It mainly depends on your availability. Classes take place at my workshop in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, but I can also come to your home (Quebec City). The atmosphere of the course is friendly and studious at the same time. The idea is to learn the main techniques of drawing and painting while having a good time, much like being out of time. For 2 hours you forget everything! It's just you and your web. In general, I start the course with a demonstration that allows you to fully understand the techniques and different skills, then I guide and correct each one, each, individually. My students are of all ages, all skill levels, and don't all have the same goals. There are teenagers who want to learn the visual arts, adults who are looking for a relaxing activity, retirees who are starting a new life. You just have to love the arts. At the beginning we will rather do small quick paintings, to fully understand the mixtures of colors and the basic principles of composition. Then we can embark on slightly longer projects, over several weeks. Everyone progresses at their own pace. No pressure, no competition. However, I do art, not DIY. With me you will learn to paint professionally (even if it's just for fun). I teach the fundamentals of fine art drawing and academic painting. These are scary words, but in reality they are addressed to each and every one of you. Painting is like riding a bicycle, it can be learned at any age.

INFO : 418-563-1362 (Cell, WhatsApp, FaceTime) or

What if we got to know each other?

What if, instead of following my adventures through a screen, you decided to go see one of my exhibitions? You are spoiled for choice:

  1. Marché public de Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Sunday, August 22, 10 am-2 pm Rue Jean-Juneau close to the new skatepark Small sizes, small prices

  2. Symposium Art & Moisson, Île d’Orléans, September 4-5, 10 am-4 pm Manoir Mauvide Genest, 4818 chemin Royal, Saint-Jean d’Orléans Landscapes and horses

  3. Galerie de la SACQ, Quebec, September 1- October 30 Place Laurier close to the Atrium Blue artworks

  4. Inauguration of Present’Arts Saturday, September 25, 4-6 pm Park of Millenaire, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Unveiling of urban displays with, among others, one of my works

  5. Open doors of my studio, Journées de la culture, Saturday, September 26 10am-4pm 102 rue du Collège, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures

  6. À suivre: solo art show in a library, Beaulne Museum, and lots of beautiful projects for 2022

Hope to meet you !

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