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have fun, make art !

Have you always dreamed of painting like Van Gogh?

I give courses and personalized courses, adapted to the objectives of each one. On the other hand, let's be clear: I don't do abstract work or DIY (pouring, scrapbooking or decorative painting). Holder of a master's degree in visual arts and a certificate in university teaching, I directed the Prima Linea Academy of Fine Arts in Paris for more than 15 years before opening a workshop at Chat des artistes in Montreal, then finally my own workshop in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures near Quebec.


I teach the fundamentals of fine art drawing and academic painting. These are frightening words, but in reality it is addressed to each one, each one of you. Painting is like riding a bicycle, it can be learned at any age. Of course, it's a little easier when you're young, but you can start retirement like any other period of life.


I strive to transmit the passion that drives me in my classes by sharing my love of painting and colors, whether in oil or acrylic. Art is a way of life, an openness to the world and an exchange.


Do not dream anymore, create now!

I give art drawing and painting classes at the Mouvement d'Animation Artistique de Cap-Rouge and I lead artistic workshops in community settings (day centers, residences for seniors).


Drawing and painting classes for all levels for adults and teenagers


Various subjects from nature or from personal photos (no copy).

  • observation drawing, portrait, live model, landscape: charcoal, sanguine, ink, graphite, colored pencil, dry pastel, oil pastel

  • painting: watercolour, oil, acrylic

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